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The Humble Helios 300

SarchelSarchel Member Posts: 2 New User
This is my humble Helios 300
-i5 7300hq
-1060 6gb
-16gb ram 
-260gb SSD + 1tb HDD
-LG 24MP68VQ 75hz display
-Red Dragon Karura keyboard
-Tecknet mouse (some generic I got from amazon, which works fine)
-Psych audio portable speakers with BT/AUX (some cheap speaker from amazon which speaks chinese to say that the bt is connected...which is quite funny and annoying at the same time. Sound quality is ok but nothing groundbreaking)
-Tenswall Lap cooler with 4x fans and nice red led. Doesn't really do much but hey, it's cheap and it provides physical cooling
-BT JBL headset (which is not part of the set up, I just don't a have a place to hang it on)

Yeah I'm a sucker for cheap gear. But hey, they work just fine and I'm more after value for money.
Current list of games I play at the moment:

-Forza Horizon 4
-Witcher 3
-Heroes of the Storm
-Diablo 3 (went back to try new season)
-Fallout 1 & 2 - Got it for near free on steam sale and I'm trying to find out if I'm smarter after 22years ago that I last played it. 
-Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - had to stop though, getting really bad headaches when staring on the screen to line up puzzles. 
-Farcry 5  -Nope, this game is a borefest hiding under an AAA title. Worst £50 I've spent yet. I tried giving it another go, and with a 7gb update, corrupted my save file of good 54hrs worth and that just put the nail into the coffin. Deleted, good riddance! 


  • sri369sri369 ACE Posts: 2,529 Pathfinder

    One suggestion... when using the laptop, even if the screen is on external display only, open the lid atleast to 75 degrees... This is 'cos the area above the Fn keys is one of the spots that gets heated up when playing intensive games, and opening lid helps air move in freely dissipating the heat.
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  • iionasiionas Member Posts: 14 New User
    Dope setup dude 
  • iionasiionas Member Posts: 14 New User
    Its convenient it reminds me of my school days! humble is humble 
  • Red-SandRed-Sand ACE Posts: 1,873 Pathfinder
    edited October 2018
    That speaker looks good with the Helios... speaking chinese tho 😂
    As long as it works it works. 👌

    Funny you mention Far Cry 5 being boring dude, I thought the same thing! So much hype just for a country version of GTA was kind of a let down.

    - Hotel Hero
  • Acer-JoseAcer-Jose Administrator Posts: 1,370 Community Administrator
    Sarchel said:
    Here's a couple more pictures which no one will be interested in. 

    Here's a daytime picture for no reason. 

    This was supposed to be the original set up when I first got here on my flat. but I had to hide the laptop somewhere to do this..which I can't...well I can't without stuffing it under the desk together with my bedside table. Which really didn't work out. Nice and clean, but miserable underneath because there's no room for my legs under the desk =/ 

    Well, the desk that came in here at my accommodation isn't really PC friendly. The chairs that came with it wasn't high enough. So, to save my wrist from aching further and wrist CTS, I've ingeniously used my dresser, which is lower than the desk. Which as you can see, isn't a very pleasing set up. Oh, and the laptop still needs to be on the bedside table. But hey! At least the desk is free now! Weeks on in, I felt really miserable with this and placed it back on the desk. The solution I had was to place books on the chair to boost my ***** so my wrist would be comfy on the table. Sure did the job, now my bum and back went sore as a trade-off. 

    I'm a really stingy guy these days because I'm saving up for a wedding, but enough is enough. In the end, I succumbed to my distressing situation and ordered a decent computer chair. It says "gaming", it looks "gaming" but I don't know how it really helps with actual gaming looking like a car seat. I got it since it's actually cheaper than an actual office chair, less than a hundred quid. And guess what? It still didn't help with the height problem! I was still a couple of centimeters short of being comfy. Bought an extra arm wrest and 2 wrist rests which one of em I had to throw away because it was molded as right-handed use. Dammit! And yeah! now it's fine!

    Catbus always gets a like :sunglasses:
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