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[SETTINGS TO REDUCE TEMPERATURES] Some settings to lower temperatures and increase performance

sri369sri369 Posts: 1,242Member Overclocked Contributor
My laptop:
CPU: i7 - 7700 HQ
GPU: 1060 6GB

Don't put power plan to max, it only sets processor on max at all times, and this only increases heat. Many might argue, but in my custom plan, I even have cpu cores parked at all times, and it still gives me nice performance even when playing intensive games. I processor min is 0, and my EPP is 128.

See my CPU usage at low-little more than low loads.

Power Plan Settings (install Park Control software to enable all options shown below)


Park Control Settings


MSI Afterburner curve

.... and the results ....

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  • sri369sri369 Posts: 1,242 Overclocked Contributor
    Accepted Answer

    When doing undervolting, do not turn on "start with windows" option. Set the values, apply, and then test using ThrottleStop tests for CPU and benchmarking tools for GPU for atleast 5-15 minutes. Only if the system endures that without failing, you can be sure that values selected work and apply them at system startup.

    MSI Afterburner: GPU: Windows 10 seems to need a little more voltage for GPU compared to Windows 7. So my MSI would have it at 925 since I am on Windows 7. For people on Windows 10, 975 would be a safe bet to flat out the curve.
  • Red-SandRed-Sand Posts: 1,689 Pathfinder
    Accepted Answer
    I do have a new profile.
    Testing your setup and not messing any of the extra features of the 8750H (extra registries in power menu) I also found a very slight delay when opening a program/game but very neglidgable.

    Score of cinebench before your settings:
    Score after:

    Very impressive optimization brother! Barely any drop in cinebench is very cool indeed.

    Also I've noticed that this "Park Control" software merely adds the registries to the power menu and uses it's GUI as a visual way to change it.
    You can alter the profile as you like then save the power plan (I named mine Parked Performance) and you don't need to run "Park Control" to have the same effect(s).
    - Hotel Hero
  • Red-SandRed-Sand Posts: 1,689 Pathfinder
    Accepted Answer
    Here's what I'm using now.
    Used the included Bitsum profile since it started high performance.

    - Hotel Hero

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