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Blur vision

Andy965Andy965 Posts: 1Member New User
I just bought the Acer vr headset , and I can’t use it cos it’s blur , I can’t read text and make me feel dizzy after 5 minutes ....I already try to adjust the calibration on setting but no changes .

any other suggestion.. other then return it back ?

thank u

FAQ & Answers

  • KamalikaKamalika Posts: 423Ally

    Hi Andy965

    The problem of a blurry image is quite common in VR, and it usually has something to do with interpupillary distance (IPD). IPD measures the distance between your eyes; if this number isn't correctly calibrated, you'll likely see a distorted image and will eventually suffer eye strain. To determine your IPD, measure the distance between your left and right pupils using a ruler and mirror.

    1. Hold the ruler over your nose so that it's just below your eyes.
    2. Close your left eye.
    3. Look directly into your right pupil and line the end of the ruler up to the center of your pupil. From this point on, don't move the ruler.
    4. Open your left eye and close your right eye.
    5. Look directly into your left pupil and note the number in millimeters.

    Now that you have an IPD measurement, you can change it manually within the WMR settings.

    1. Right-click the Start button.
    2. Click Settings.

      Right-click the Start button Click Settings

    3. Click Mixed reality.
    4. Click Headset display.

      Click Mixed reality Click Headset display

    5. Click the measurement field in the Calibration section.
    6. Type an IPD value.

      Click the measurement field Type an IPD value

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