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How can I update to the latest BIOS in my Acer swift 3 SF315 51G, the one I've now is an year old, and if something wrong happens Will Acer take care of it?


  • Hi,
    You need to take some precautions while updating BIOS, a BIOS update can brick your laptop but if that happens, you can contact Acer Support centre in your region and they will repair it for you. I can show you how to do it but you update at your own risk.
    Please follow these steps:
    1.Go to Acer Support site, download BIOS version to your Desktop(it's the convenient place)
    2.Extract the downloaded zip file in Desktop.
    2. Make sure the battery is fully charged(100%)
    3.Keep the AC adapter connected during the update process.
    4. Select a time when you think there won't be any power cuts in your area(it's beyond your control)
    5. Uninstall any third party AV programs.
    6.Close all programs, Apps and opened web pages.
    7.Disconnect any peripherals such as Printers, headphones, USB sticks or external HDDs.
    8. Go to Desktop and open the extracted folder.
    9. Right click " BIOS_105.exe" and click "Run as Admin".
    Follow the on screen prompts, once the process starts move away from the laptop, do not touch any buttons on the keyboard or switch off the laptop, wait for it to complete the process and reboots itself.

  • It is highly recommended to also disable windows defrag and uninstall any antivirus program; pause also the windows updates!
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