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How can we change the phone ring on an Acer liquid zest plus ??? Thank you !

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    Please try the steps in the following link and check. :
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    julia01 said:
    How can we change the phone ring on an Acer liquid zest plus ??? Thank you !
    The right way to modify the Acer Liquid Zest ring tone:
    a) You will first of all need to go to the Acer Liquid Zest settings menu > go to the Sound tab, and then tap Mobile phone Ringtone > you will find the ringtones that are already present on the Acer Liquid Zest. 

    b) If you need to find out what a ring tone looks like, you just have to choose it to hear an excerpt. After getting found the ringtone you prefer, just check it and validate. If you do not such as the original ringtone of the Acer Liquid Zest, go to the next step to set 1 of your music as a ringtone.

    The right way to make music on ringtone on Acer Liquid Zest:
    a)If you would like to make 1 of your music your ringtone, you need to transfer this music to a specific folder of your Acer Liquid Zest. 

    b) In fact, in order for the music to appear in the list of ringtones available on your Acer Liquid Zest, you need to put it in the Music folder . To do this, you can actually employ your computer or the file manager of your Acer Liquid Zest. 

    c) Just copy the music file and paste the music into the Music folder. When completed, you should see your music appear in the list of ringtones of Acer Liquid Zest.

    The right way to customize the ringtone for a contact:
    a) It can be from time to time useful that you can distinguish calls from your contacts by a special ringing tone. If you would like your caller’s or family’s calls to ring, please be aware that it is likely. 

    b) To assign a ringtone to a contact , the contact must be registered to your cellphone. This means that in the event that the contact is saved on the Acer Liquid Zest SIM card, this process will not work. 

    c) If the contact is registered on the Acer Liquid Zest, just go to the contact card and simply click on Modify. You should then observe a ringtone tab that will permit you to set the ringtone for that contact. Here you can actually now find out who is calling without having to check out your Acer Liquid Zest.

    Happy mobiling:)
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