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Acer AH101 Mixed Reality Headset black display in one lens

MorgsMorgs Posts: 1Member Newbie
I picked up the Acer AH101 Mixed Reality Headset at work because we had it on sale, I took it home and did the setup and tested it out and it appeared like there was a black line down the middle of the display and one half of the display was darker compared to the other. I unplugged the headset and updated all of my drivers and upgraded windows, tried some troubleshooting that I found on another forum, I then plugged the headset back in and now the display in the left lens is just completely black (that's the lens that originally looked darker than usual and had the black line down the middle). I tried other ports on my PC and I still have the same issue.

My PC specs are fine, I'm running a 4gb GTX 1060, also rolling with 12 GB of Ram and an I7. I can't exchange the headset at work because of the return policy on VR headsets, my only choice is to contact Acer, but I was wondering if anyone had any answers or additional troubleshooting before I contact Acer support.

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  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,036ACE Trailblazer
    Sounds like it's time to get Acer support involved. It certainly shouldn't be doing that. Likely just something came loose internally, but better to get them involved before trying to tear anything down yourself.
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