[Acer Community] Comments/Post/Replies getting removed (or Under Review)

MrFriendism Member Posts: 25 Troubleshooter
Hi. I'm really happy that Acer has formed this sort of community which could allow all of us to talk and discuss.

But, I'm facing an issue recently. Most of my comments/Posts/Answers are going into the review and I'm not sure, Why is it happening?

Without knowing the issue, I can't even fix the mistake I might have been making.

Few things I'm sure:

> I didn't spam/post random links.
> I didn't promote any other brands.
> I didn't abuse/criticize Acer anywhere (In terms of Toxic).
> I am not breaking overall community guidelines.

I'm strictly following all the basic rules which any other reputed forum or Reddit would follow.

Second: If there is any sort of approval you could give me so that my future replies/comments/post wouldn't go into review? I'm here to stay and not to get banned for sure.

I'm pretty much active on many other communities and to name some: LinusTech, Reddit's many Sub-Reddits about Computer, Laptop, Gaming, Games, Peripherals (Individually like Mouse, Gaming Mouse, Headsets etc).



  • RanY2J
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    Can you please try to verify your email address and see if that stops?
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