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Acer Predator XB241H Lines with refreshed above 100Hz

Cyborg1024Cyborg1024 Posts: 1Member New User
I found a number of users are reporting this same issue including on tech repair sites.  At 120 light horizontal lines appear across length of screen from top to bottom, at 144 they are more intense.  100Hz and bellow they are not noticeable to me.  This is frustrating for a 300+ dollar screen and I posted this in my reviews on both Amazon and Newegg.  Others reported sending in screens having to pay for return shipping to only have the exact same issue.  Im sorry I didnt just go with a solid 144Hz screen and I am not willing to ship the screen back and forth as I use it for School work and need it.  

Secondly ACER tech had posted that their would be an ability to turn off the boot up logo, that option is not present on this screen.  Also it does not auto switch inputs, I have two PC's connected and you have to manually select the input to change it.  I have a Cheap ACER as a second screen that does not have this problem.  I would like a firmware update released that gives the end user control over these options and something should be done about the high refresh rate horizontal line issue.  It makes the screen unsuable for its designed purpose which is to deliver silky smooth 3D performance for gaming at 144Hz.  Im stuck at capping everything at 100Hz which really isnt much better then my old 24" at 60Hz with Vsynch on.  

If anyone has come up with a solution to the above please let me know.  Hopefully the ACER techs will make some updates to the firmware soon.  Thank you.


  • BoseballsyeeBoseballsyee Posts: 2Member New User
    same problem
  • VolferaVolfera Posts: 1Member New User

    Same here, horizontal line above 100 Hz for me, and pretty well visible at 144Hz. Always on the same spot. I didn't even try to test more Hz.

    It's a thing you could miss for a week, but when you notice, you see it all the time :(

    I bought it from Amazon, and even in the warranty time, they redirected me to Acer techs. They said to send the monitor to Acer tech team, but I saw review of guys with same results after that. So i didn't do it, needing a screen on a daily basis. 

    I don't even know if it's hardware related, but i guess it is. Kinda sad for products at this price. We are not isolated cases.
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