Black screen aspire 5552

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Hello everyone,

I turned my computer on today and all the lights are working, but the screen is black. I tried a solution that involved powering off the computer, removing the battery and then holding down the power button for 60 seconds. When I turned the power on I could barely see the word Acer, but the screen didn't load.  I did this 3 times. Does any one have any other ideas? This notebook has been very reliable and I have had no problems. My life is on this computer and I have no funds to replace it. Please help!


  • Kosianos
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    Did you tried to enter the bios? Do you see everything there ?
  • aeblack2
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    I don't understand what you mean. My screen is black I can't see anything.
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    >>Connect an external monitor and see if you'll get any display from it. If there's a display on the external monitor that could mean that the problem is the built in display. 
    >>Proceed with reseating the RAM's if trying a different AC adapter will not work, remove them all for couple of seconds then put them back in making sure everything is seated properly.

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