Debian on Helios 300 / GTX 1050 Ti

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Hello Acer Team

i just bought a Helios 300 and tried to install Debain on it.

First the Wireless did not work on Debian Stretch, then i tried Debian Buster and "dmesg |grep wifi" said that the firmware was missing, i found it on github ( and copied it to /lib/firmware/ and then the wireless worked :)

==> but i could not solve the issue that the xorg xserver crashes when i plug in a second monitor, i tried

-nouveau drivers (they work with one screen, at least the nouveau module is loaded tells me lsmod)
-proprietary NVIDIA drivers 390 and 394 (with these it does not work at all)

(i guesse the Screen is physicaly attached to the Intel HD 610/630 and the NVIDIA driver does not find any hardware (screens) attached to it so it retries to start over and over..., but I'm not sure about that, i not even know if it's a bug of the NVIDIA Card or the Integrated Intel Graphics Card)

Any help would be appreciated

With kind regards
Marc Landolt

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