Need help, hard drive noise on a brand new Acer Aspire desktop TC 780 Ki3,

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I would greatly appreciate any help or input as I have to make the decision if I need to  return the new  computer, something I really did not want to do.

I just have turned on my computer Acer Aspire TC 780 K i3-7100CPU , 1TB hard drive , 7250rpm, Ram 8GB for the first time.

My hard drive ( no, its not the fan) makes this sound upon boot up and continuing of what I perceived to be a muffled rattle, like constant popcorn popping. It is it continual

It would be quite annoying to listen to this all day . I think, it gets a little better when its hibernating, but it does not stop.

  • My question is about this hard drive sound .

Has anyone encountered this with an Acer or for that matter with any 1 TB Sata hard drive?

Is this normal?

I hate to sent the computer back to Amazon, thinking its defect, then order the same computer and find out that has the same problem.

I have not even yet really used the Acer computer yet . I just now set it up, and the power is just on now that is all . It still has the low muffled rattle occasionally.

I have had several computers before, including a laptop Acer, none had a noise of the hard drive.

But I also never owned a 1TB hard drive with or 7200RPM .

I have listened to the sounds of failing hard drives on “data cent” .

The knocking sound is the closest to mine also I do have more of a muffled rattle . The last Acer rep said the hard drive ( Essex) on this Acer should have no sound, my computer must be defect.

However, I saw some other posts online of persons owning Acer desktops with a 2 TB drive hearing similar sounds and others agreed they have this as well ( different computer) .

This makes me wonder if its an Acer desktop issue?



  • Kosianos
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    Hello sir.
    Its completly normal to got more noise from a driver that its 1800rpm faster than normal ones. Also you can try to right click on you disk driver then properties and disk check. 
    If you got no erros then its everything fine and you should upgrade to am ssd to avoide this noise ✌️😁
  • Rich67
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    My Aspire has the 2Tb hard drive and you can hear it chattering above the sound of the Fan I also have wondered if there is a fault but perhaps it's because of the size of the Drive.

     Our other Acer which is only 500GB makes a similar noice but you have to put your Ear right up against the casing to hear it