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Predator Helios 300 gtx 1060 95-97 degrees Celsius on gaming 70+ non gaming low usage+low fps

HUGABUGAHUGABUGA Posts: 24Member Troubleshooter
Dear Acer Community, 
I have my laptop for more than half a year. One-Two months ago, I felt a heat in my fingers when I touched the keyboard when I played games, but I thought that it is fine and good for a gaming laptop beast, but after a months, my laptop's performance in-game was pretty bad, on Ultra 55+ fps but alot of fps drop that was unplayable, and I saw that my clock speed was only 300-800MHZ. I tried to underclock it but it didn't help and made my experience worse, from 95 degrees Celsius GPU+CPU to 96-97 degrees while playing games. I always kept my fan speed at max- 6100+RPM.
I need your help!


P.S Some things that I thought that made this happened:
Underclock (Did it after the Overclock)
If you want to contact me, add me on Discord:

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  • SkreeSkree Posts: 97 Fixer
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    Aside from checking that topic, there is something else i would check if i were you.

    Check for dust. You said you have your laptop for more than a year now, it is possible that you had dust buildup. If you are unconfortable opening your laptop just buy and use a simple vacuum cleaner for pc. Don't use air compressor or air blowers from outside the vents however, by blowing air in the insire, the eventual dust that is inside... will remain inside :p 

    Check for dust, and then check that topic too.
  • SkelomorphSkelomorph Posts: 463 Pioneer
    Accepted Answer
    The heat issue has long since been recorded in these forums. Please take a look at the sticky thread for options: https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/535036/faq-cpu-gpu-temps-fps-settings-other-info/p1.

    As for worse, it is likely dust in the fans. 

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    Product: Acer Predator Helios 300
    Model: G3-571
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