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Acer Revo M1-601 HDD upgrade

TkBallTkBall Posts: 2Member New User
edited June 2018 in Revo
The HDD block is end of life and appears to be unavailable from everywhere. Even if it was available the last price I could find was £150 for 1TB, which is several times the price per TB for 2.5inch sata drives that don't have a plastic cover with proprietary connection.

As I'd like to have additional storage, but as I do not want extra cabling, I thought it was worth having a look inside. Whilst there is space for a 2.5inch drive in the case, there's no sata port on the motherboard, just the proprietary connection from the board to the connector used to attach the blocks.

The port must support power and data for the block, and I assume the HDD blocks actually contained a traditional HDD anyway, as it would be a mental and expensive product decision to do this any other way.

To my question; is there a cable Acer sells that allows this port on the board to be connected to a traditional 2.5" sata hdd? This could turn an abandoned product into something useful.

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  • TkBallTkBall Posts: 2Member New User
    edited June 2018
    Small update. I can find various parts sellers that list pretty much all the component parts of this product e.g. https://www.zandparts.com/en/partfinder/Acer/Desktop/Revo/M1-601

    However I cannot find pictures or complete descriptions for the parts. I am pretty confident that "Acer Cable HDD FFC 84mm 15pos" part no : 50.B2VD8.001 is the HDD sata connector, and that it terminates in a flat ribbon cable.

    Which of the other parts could connect this to the mainboard? (Either directly or via a daisy chain)
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