Chromebook CPU speeds multi thread optimization

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I currently have a Acer 11" C720 chromebook. I am looking for a newer Chromebook and am comparing the speeds.

C720 has 2955U processor which has passmark score of  1435 average and
Single Thread Rating: 788

Newer Acer 14 has 
Intel® Celeron® N3160  passmark score 1702 average
Single Thread Rating: 501

Comparing the two I see that that average score is higher but single thread lower on the newer processor. So it is my assumption if Chrome OS only using single tread for OS, then the older C720 should be faster but if it is optimized for multi threaded CPU, then the newer N3160 should be faster.

Does anyone know if ChromeOS is optimized for multi threaded CPU? How does the speed compare between these two systems? I don't link long boot times, or lag.


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    Unless you have other processes besides Chrome actually using CPU at the same time, you probably won't notice much difference between the two. I doubt there's a definitive answer to your optimization question since more RAM is more important than CPU after a page loads.  Jack E/NJ 

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