Aspire 5733 - unable to change screen brightness



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    @robstopperYou can use the driverbooster program to update drivers! Make sure that in the device manager, the monitor is configured as generic pnp! Sorry for my English, so I'm the google translator!
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  • JordanB
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    Microsoft did release an update yesterday that supposedly fixes brightness control on some laptops.
    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Robstopper
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    Top man, thanks Jordan, that did the trick!! All sorted, screen dims on request, and when I switch to battery from mains power
  • personsomeone
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    I had the same issue for Acer aspire VX 15, and I managed to fix it, so I created this account to post it here
    (None of the answers above worked, also none of the answers from other forums worked, although they gave me a hint) 

    Here is what I did: 
    1. Go to the Acer driver page for my model:
    2. Download the VGA model for Intel (not Nvidia!!). 
    3. Install it, restart PC. It now works. 

    I tried the same with Nvidia drivers and also tried from their website etc., but Nvidia is a terrible company of unrivalled incompetence and so it didn't work whatsoever.