I am new to Acer and I don't see a feedback posting place.

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I remember watching a dhort film where this fellow goes to a grocery store and stands in a line only to have the register close just as he reaches the place to put his items on the conveyor, gets horrible service in a bank and has his luggage destroyed by an airline.  He's telling the audience "I always win in the end."  As the movie closes he speaks to the audience again.  He says, "Well, have you guessed who I am?  I am the customer.  I know all banks and grocery stores provide specific goods and services, and if I am ill-treated, I just don't come back."

So I thought Acer management would appreciate my experience with purchase and setup of 

Acer Aspire Gaming Desktop, AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, GX-281-UR11.

It arrived Tuesday, May 29.  I attached a 1080p capable display with DVI-D cable to the computer and started it up, after making sure I had an RJ-45 hard line to my router.  I did indeed buy it for gaming, having developed a passion for playing Skyrim with its many modifications..  What follows is my experience and my reaction to it, because I think management needs to know.

The activation was unpleasant.  Cortana and Microsoft received a bunch of "No" replies to all their additions and then tied me up for several hours with updates to Win10.  I then deleted Norton (three times before I removed that curse from my hard drive) and installed a reasonable anti-virus (Malware Bytes)  Then Microsoft took another run at me.  The popups from Acer were becoming annoying.  Once I got the game (well it IS a gaming computer) downloaded, then the Acer pop-up notifications were interfering with gameplay and another round of deletions occurred.  

I frankly do not understand how most of your customers stand it.  Maybe they never knew anything better?  Anyway, when I had the game fully downloaded and modded, I disconnected the RJ-45 and the systemid not on my router's MAC address list, so it is cut off from the internet.  The previous sluggish performance has greatly improved with removal of all your "assistive" software (and all of the butt-hurt comments from Microsoft because I deleted Office 365 and installed LibreOffice.

The question is, after all that experience, will I be a return customer?  No.  I will not.  Your hardware is obviously better than Dell's but the frustration of using it with Win10 is more than I can bear.  When I have had my fill of this one game, Linux will replace windows and the system will join my local net.  If I need a high-performance computer at a reasonable price in the future and I don't mind paying a little extra for software I will replace, then maybe I will be back.