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I was working on my Acer Aspire E5 with .rar file. I added many important documents in it some days ago. Couple of hours ago I've got an issue at opening .rar archive: Packed data CRC failed in volume name. The volume is corrupt. I applied in-built winrar repair software, but it didn't help me even on 50%. I don't know what caused this trouble my laptop or something else.


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    Winrar has many features not only recovery feature. For example, you may open your .rar archive in another version of WinRAR or save it with another extension.
    Moreover there is WinZip application, it has a lot features, one of it to open .rar files, try it too...
    In case nothing helped, only more what I could suggest you it is Recovery Toolbox for RAR, tool powered by many features, like supporting huge .rar archives, you may see all of them in demo

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