Acer Aspire V5-471 Model:MS2360 does it have a dvd/cd drive?

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It looks like the laptop has a cd/dvd drive with it (the plastic around it looks like it would come "free" from the computer itself) but it does not have an eject button and I cannot find anything on the computer that would "open" the drive. Is it only supposed to look like it has one or does it have one?


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    Please post the first ten digit of your device serial number to check the exact specification details.
    You may go to the Desktop and double-click My Computer. Windows Explorer will open; find your DVD drive and right-click it. Choose "Eject" from the list and the drive should open.

    If there is no ODD eject button or emergency eject hole, then there is no internal Cd drive on yout device. Some models only have dummy ODD bezel. You have the option to add an internal CD/DVd drive.

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