Acer Aspire E15 Bad Hinge in 3 Months - Not Covered Under Warranty?

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I purchased an Aspire E15 (E5 576G 5762) in late February. I use it for business - no hard use or conditions. It sits on a desk. I open it and close it when traveling to another office.

The right hinge is failing, beginning to make clicking noises and to move when I open or close the laptop (screen).

I called support this evening, and the people on the line told me a hinge is not covered under warranty because it's physical damage. They say it's $300 to fix the hinge (on a $600 laptop).

The warranty I read indicates it does not cover damage, from normal use, that is in designed specs or that does not materially alter the use of the device.

A hinge wearing out after 3 months surely isn't within specs, and it does materially alter use. When the hinge breaks, I won't be able to open and close the laptop (screen).

Tell me this can be fixed under warranty.


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    I'm interested to hear how you fare. Acer warranty support, for me, has been so far an unpleasant experience. They seem more concerned about avoiding actual repairs than honouring what they said in writing before the warranty expired. Your best bet is to return it to where you purchased it if possible. Good luck.
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    Hello fcabanski,


    I'm sorry that you're having issues with your Notebook warranty.  Can you please send me a PM with the S/N of your unit so I can look into this for you?