*** is wrong with ACER Chromebooks????

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I'm so angry right now that I'm shaking.  I am on my 2nd Chromebook in less than  2 months and this one is nor working now!!!  What is WRONG with this product???  It's fully charged and yet it will NOT START UP!!!!!    I have bought Asus laptops for years and I decided to try something difference.  MAJOR MISTAKE.  I'm so angry right now. What a piece o GARGAGE! 


  • Sharanji
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    Sorry to hear about your experience with new Chromebook. I have been using Acer Chromebook for years without any issues. Chromebooks are reliable, and are very efficient.
    What is the full model number of your Chromebook?
    What exactly happens when you power On your Chromebook?
  • Acer-Manny_Retired
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    Hello jdcma,


    I'm sorry that you're having issues with your Chromebook.  Can you please send me a PM with the S/N of your unit so I can look into this for you?