"App Explorer has been updated to the latest version"

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I've searched around online for this question and am getting I wide range of different answers...hoping for some clarity from Acer users.
Yesterday I received a pop up window on my computer stating "App Explorer has been updated to the latest version", a list of "updates", and them a small check box underneath to reset browser search to Bing when you click OK.

I unchecked the Bing box, and did not click OK, but rather excited the window. However the only option was to install updates "later", so I know it will pop up again.

I am SO CONFUSED. I have never heard of this program. I checked my control panel > programs and App Explorer was listed there, but with an installation date of that day. I literally only went on Netflix for an hour that evening so certainly did not accidentally download anything.
Some online searching indicates this is bloatware from software company SweetLabs, however other sources online state it's malware and a browser hijacker. I ran a full scan and it will not detect anything. Frankly I'm scared to use my computer again until I know what to do about this.

Has anyone experienced this before/know if this program is real? I wanted to ask in the Acer forum as online I saw some people state that the App Explorer program had actually come pre-installed on their Acer laptops.
Some users online stated they clicked OK (but unchecked the Bing box) and nothing bad happened...but I'm afraid if I accept the "update" it's going to do something to my computer. 
Please help!


  • Sharanji
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    App Explorer is a program developed by SweetLabs. It comes preinstalled application for customizing your PC from the first time you turn it on. HostAppServiceUpdater.exe is the automatic update component of the software designed to download and apply new updates should new versions be released.

    It sounds like getting rid of it should be fine. Right-click on the Start menu , click Control Panel, and then, under Programs, Click Uninstall a Program.

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    My Acer laptop fan & CPU usage have been working full-time lately & when I tracked down the problem it seems to be the "app explorer" processes that are the culprit (using 60-80% CPU). After un-installing the app (it wasn't pre-installed on my laptop & I don't know how it got there, except to say the .exe's where in the same folder as some chrome extensions), I restarted my laptop & it's purring like a kitten & I haven't had any problems since.
    Will update if this changes.
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    The "App explorer" takes up considerable amount of CPU usage.
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    THIS IS A VIRUS! My computer went to ***** the last 24 hours and I know it wasn’t anything i did. But app explorer appeared like 2 days ago and when I uninstall it became better. Pls delete as soon as possible because it will hurt your computer