Model Numbers

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Good morning,

Please can you assist me. I had a look at a friend's acer laptop. I have been a loyal acer supporter and it is time for me to upgrade.

The model he has is Aspire E15 E5-575-7407
I7-75000 2.7ghz turbo boost 3.5ghz
Intel HD graphcs 620 up to 4158 mb dynamic cideo memory
8gb ddr4 mem
124 gb ssd
1 tb hdd

I tried finding the machine online...

No luck - most sites says product no longer available

I would like to know, Aspire Models..  What would be a similar model performance wise and also the model one up and model one down from that one.

All the wording and descriptions is a bit confusing for the every day user. So if you can assist with model numbers for those 3 laptops I would really appreciate it.