Aspire V3 572P Windows 10 no longer booting up

fsafsa Member Posts: 7 New User
Hello everyone,

My Aspire V3 is refusing to boot to W10 after I forced shutdown when it froze whilst running some large video conversions. I have tried the following:

  • Normal reboot results in the Preparing Automatic Repair on the Acer loading for a few seconds after which the screen goes blank with nothing further.
  • The W10 recovery flash drive I made from the same installation a while ago doesn't boot in UEFI. In legacy it goes as far as the screen with the blue W10 logo before going blank with nothing further.
  • I used HBCD v15.2 (running on a flash drive made using Rufus) to go into mini XP and try to run chkdsk, but my HDD isn't detected in the disk manager there.
  • Parted Magic on HBCD does show my HDD and I can browse the files there, but as far as I'm aware, it's Linux and can't do chkdsk.
  • None of the DOS based programmes on HBCD load because of a High Memory Area error, so I can't try any of the tools there.

Frankly, without a BSOD or any error message, I really don't know where to go from here. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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  • KamalikaKamalika Member Posts: 423 Specialist
    You can try to do a BIOS default by tapping on F2 as you power on the computer. After going into BIOS, Tap F9,Enter,F10, Enter. This will restart your computer. Check if it boots up after that.

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