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how can I install windows 10 on Aspire A715-71g?

nadianajinadianaji Posts: 1Member Newbie
I recently have bought a new acer laptop Aspire A715-71G and it originally dose not have windows OS. the default OS on it is Linux and I want to delete it and install windows 10. But I have many installation problem. I make a bootable flash but when I reboot the system, the flash dose not load. Hence I have some questions that I appreciate you if answer me:
1. how should I make bootable flash? I should use MBR partition scheme for UEFI or GPT partition scheme for UEFI in Rufus program?
2. should I disable secure boot or not? if yes, should I set password for bios that can disable it or not?
3. how can I set password for bios? password for user administrator or HDD password?
please guide me completely because I am a beginner and I do not install windows on new laptop before specially acer. please answer me step by step.
thanks in advance.

FAQ & Answers

  • JackEJackE Posts: 7,956ACE Pathfinder
    What Linux distribution & version is on your A715-71G? Jack E/NJ
  • COMPUTERMAN1999COMPUTERMAN1999 Posts: 22Member Troubleshooter
    I just bought a new acer and couldnt wait to get windows 10 off that machine. running ubuntu mate 17.10. I not going to try to talk you into staying with Linux. But as a tech windows 10 is a nightmare.  
  • JackEJackE Posts: 7,956ACE Pathfinder
    Agreed. A nightmare to non-tekkies too. But this system might be equipped with a lite linpus version that most folks aren't gonna know what to do with. Hence my question. Jack E/NJ
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