Bamboo Ink Smart Styluses, and others, behave strange with the Switch 5 (SW512-52)

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The pen that comes with the Switch 5 is decent enough -- gets the job done for the most part. However, when it comes to creating art, it's a little too stiff and the rubberized tip makes drawing feel ungodly sluggish.

So, I ordered a Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus, and was immediately presented with a very strange issue. When pressing the pen to the surface, it right-clicks and double-clicks sporadically and consistently. Spent hours fiddling with the Pen and Touch settings, turning things on and off, but nothing worked. Thought that, maybe, I had a faulty pen. Not the case.

Went to my local Microcenter, where they have the same model tablet on display, and it exhibited the same strange behavior -- only, it wasn't just with the Bamboo Ink. The Nuvision pen they had next to the display did the same strange right and left clicking thing. At another store, I got to use a Microsoft Surface pen, and it too had the same issue with my tablet. Basically, anything that isn't the provided pen goes haywire with the left and right clicking function.

Obviously, this is an issue with the tablet's software itself -- some kind of hang-up with drivers or something. Aside from the right and left clicking issue, pressure sensitivity is present with the Bamboo Ink and it communicates rather well with the tablet. So, what's causing this weird issue? If anyone can shed some light onto this puzzle, I'd be so grateful. I mainly bought this tablet to draw with -- nothing too professional, but enough to get some sketches done while I'm out and about. I'd love to get this Bamboo pen working with it, because it feels so much better than the provided stylus.


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    I have the same problem with the bamboo ink. If i write a long word, some letters erase, cause of the clicking. If i  draw long lines on paper, the line interrupt repetitiv. I think also this is a software problem? A wacom drive update isn't possible.
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    I know you reading this is a long shot, but have you figured out a fix for this? I have the device as well and am thinking of buying the same stylus (default acer one has a crappy rubber tip), and this concerns me.
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    Is there maybe now any solution to the problem?
    Im really happy with the switch 5 but that issue is really a problem.
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    Does it work now