new acer owner issues - mouse over opens the link in Windows 10

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I bought an Acer Aspire 3 from B&H Camera.  Kind of a quick purchase, and I'm less than thrilled.  B&H has a no return policy...basically you buy it, end of story.  There is no customer service with them, or never did they ask "what can we do to make it right" etc.  Anyway, here is my primary concern, although there are many things I'm not happy with.

There is a setting in Win10 when you mouse over a link for several seconds, the link opens.  I found where to turn this setting off, but nothing happens.  Nothing changes, and anything I mouse over clcks on its own.  Tabs close, ads open...I used to mouse over suspected spam links in my email, so I could see what the link was for, and now with this new "feature" it's quite possible that since it happens all on its own everytime, that I could conceivably open a link unintended like spam etc.

It's already a hugely inefficient problem, closing all the inadvertent windows, and when something I want open closes on its own I need to go find it again, but I need help.

What to do in this case?  How does this get turned off properly? Id love to voice general Acer complaints as well but my first attempt at a chat with them said the same thing as B&H did...that I am SOL


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    Open Device Mgr. Click on mice and other pointing devices. Uninstall the mouse driver. Exit. Cold boot Windows and let it re-detect and re-install the mouse driver. Then check the settings again for the mouse hover actions. Jack E/NJ

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