upgrade acer ferrari one processor

whizzywhizzy Member Posts: 3 New User
Hi there
I wanted to know if its possible to upgrade my F1  200´s processor which is very slow(1,2ghz AMD Athlon L310 ) to the one I got from my previous laptop hp pavilion g7 which is the AMD Athlon 2(2,4ghz).And is it also possible to change the network card and the Hard disk.The present one is 250Gb and I want to put in a 750Gb hard disk(2,5inch).


  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 40,841 Trailblazer
    You will get the most bang for the buck by replacing the HDD with an SSD. The L310 socket is different than the Athlon II. You should be able to replace the AR5B93 wifi card with better card as long as it has the same half height PCIe form factor. Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
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