Problems with Acer monitor updater.

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Hello Acer community. I've been bothered by this problem for a whole year... I really don't know what to do. At a certain times a black windows (command prompt) appears on a desktop. 
It says that he cannot find some path to the updates.

FINDSTR:CANNOT OPEN c:\ProgramData\acer\updater2\updater2.xml
The system cannot find the path specified.
Cannot access file C:\ProgramFiles\DriverSetupUtility\FUB\+
Here is and a picture of that. 
Please i'm really in big problems, i cannot work properly on my pc because of this!
I use windows 10. 


  • ChrisB74
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    I get a black screen withc:\ProgramData\acer\updater2\updater2.xml how do i get rid of it
  • billsey
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    Just uninstall the DriverSetupUtility. That should stop it from trying to check for updates...
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