Acer z530 - the battery blocked at 100%, help me please.

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I tested 2 acer z530 ...
The first phone had a WW_GEN1 firmware ... the second phone have a EMEA_GEN1.
I flashed the the stock firmware on both phones, the WW_GEN1 firmware ... and after i charged the battery at 100% the procent of battery was stuck at 100% 1-2 hours ...
More that, in Settings->Battery appear "unavailable data" about processes which use the battery.
If I unplug the battery and plug back, the procent of battery unlock ...
If i don`t unplug the battery, remains stuck at 100% 1-2 hours, depending how much i use the phone, then discharge normal ... but it`s a problem: to suppose that the battery was stuck 1 hour and i use the phone 30-40 min or 1 hour ...the procent will be 99% but in reality, if i disconnect the battery and plug back the procent will be 80-90% ...

Does anyone knows what happened?

I flash the stock firmware: Acer_AV0L0_Z530_1.025.00_WW_GEN1 then i did the OTA updates ... at Acer_AV0L0.1.034.00.WW.GEN1_A51L_A.

Thank`s !!! And sorry for my english ...


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    Hi winkyz18, Try to do battery calibration once the battery is fully charged, keep working in the phone till the battery drained to 0% and than try to charge the battery for 1-2 hours. If issue persist try to do factory reset were data will be erase.