SSD and RAM upgrade for Aspire one D255E

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I got a netbook of Aspire one D255E that is running Windows 10, 1 GB Ram and N570 cpu. The speed is not doing any good but it is still in very good condition.
1. Can I upgrade to 2 GB Ram and SSD hard drive since they shouldn't be expensive now a day?
2. If I am correct, it looks like the RAM can be 204 pin SODIMM DDR 3, but I have no idea I should look for DDR 3 1066 or 2133. What is the RAM specification for it? 

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    re D255E (AOD255E in dashboard)

    1) For memory I show a KINGSTON SO-DIMM DDRII 800 2GB ACR256X64D2S800C6 LF 128*8 0.065UM as an option. DDRIII 1333 is also listed as an option.

    2) The Fixed Disk can be a SEAGATE 2.5" 5400RPM 160GB ST9160314AS,9HH13C-189, SATA  so in theory a SSD that can replace it should work.

    I do not have a D255 but do have a similar 532h that has an N450 and has similar upgrades. I runs ok but still not very fast.

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