Helios 300 Asio4all plugin used for audio production

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I have a Helios 300/ Windows 10 Home:...I am using a DAW (Reason 10) which requires the Asio4all plugin/ driver. 
I have the same driver installed on another lap top, running the same DAW and I am not experiencing any issues. 
With this in mind, I am thinking that this laptop has a different personality. When I am in my DAW, I load or record my audio into the sequencer, it plays well,
 but...when I press the stop button, playback does not stop, there's an echo, then the echo crescendo's into an enormous annoying, ear crushing sound :#
 Please note, I went through mostly all forums about this plugin, Microsoft support, I went into Reason 10 support, the troubleshooting guide 
 for the Asio plugin(went into the dashboard), and the issue still persists. Also from time to time it goes into a static mode :# , where I cannot here nothing but static.I just purchased this laptop, so I have not gotten totally acquainted with it. Since I have the same setup on a different laptop without any issues, I am being presumptuous,thinking that there may be something running in the background that is causing the issue that I am not aware of on this laptop. Please help!  
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    I am getting exactly the same with my Acer Swift 3 (314 512) laptop. I am using Mixcraft 9 . After I nearly threw my headphones off after the annoying ear aching static sound. The ASIO selectors are just showing blank, so I tried reinstalling drivers and can't get ASIO to appear in laptop even if I reinstall programs. I have factory reset my pc 3 times now. Mixcraft then buggers up my sound once more! I think it's an Acer problem as the Mixcraft program worked fine on my last Fujitsu laptop and that went from W7 , 10 and 11 no probs.

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    All of them are USB Audio Class (UAC) compliant, so at most operating systems it doesn't require any drivers.. even Windows 10 builds from 2016 onwards has also generic driver for that. That's how most of intended audience use it.

    Availability of ASIO driver is kind of addon, although it's certainly possible. Mostly there is used Thesycon OEM driver for UAC devices, especially at interfaces based on XMOS MCUs and their software stack. That's also what majority of vendors for larger content creation interfaces use… from Focusrite, Audient, Apogee (like their Groove on Windows), Behringer… although they sometimes packs also additional control panel software for further functionality. But underlying ASIO driver is pretty much the same (also performance wise), similarly like compatibility with DAWs…….

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    The Asio4all plugin is a low-latency audio driver that can be used to improve the performance of audio software on Windows computers. The Helios 300 laptop is a powerful machine that is capable of handling audio production tasks, and using Asio4all can help to reduce latency and improve the overall performance of your audio software.

    To use Asio4all with your Helios 300 laptop, you will first need to download and install the plugin from the Asio4all website. Once the plugin is installed, you can select it as your audio driver within your audio software settings.

    It's important to note that while Asio4all can improve the performance of audio software, it may not be necessary for all users. If you are not experiencing issues with latency or performance, you may not need to use Asio4all. Additionally, it's always a good idea to ensure that your audio software is properly configured for optimal performance on your specific computer hardware.

    Overall, using Asio4all with your Helios 300 laptop can be a helpful tool for improving the performance of your audio production software, but it's important to weigh the benefits against the potential complexity and configuration requirements.

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    Just in addition to all the above and to what earic has said about ASIO4ALL audio driver, as you might not need the ASIO4ALL add-on, make sure that your Realtek Audio driver for your Predator Helios 300 (sorry but I don't know which model you have as you haven’t told us?) but make sure that the Realtek Audio is setup and working 100% as on these laptops the Realtek Audio driver deteriorate and needs reinstalling, especially if you install a secondary software like the DAW (Reason 10) music production software that can alter the Realtek Audio driver and cause allot of problems with audio software and especially other features of your laptop like Bluetooth and other audio quality issues, so be aware of all that also.

    Before you install the DAW (Reason 10) music production software, uninstall the Realtek Audio driver in Control Panel completely and reinstall it again, then uninstall the Bluetooth driver and reinstall both completely with a fresh install again, as uninstalling the Realtek Audio affects the Bluetooth driver also and all this will refresh everything for the DAW (Reason 10) music production software and the ASIO4ALL add-on to work properly. Also read this What is asio4all ?