Acer E5-575G-5622 Are these Dead Pixels or what ?

gmp005gmp005 Member Posts: 5 New User
Are these Dead Pixels or what ? I am having this weird line type thingy on my Laptop screen which is not going away no matter how much i clean it. I am just curious to know are these dead pixel or what if they are what i do to make them go away My laptop is Acer E5-575G-5622.
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  • mxjidmxjid Member Posts: 3 New User

    I have this exact type of thing on my screen that's just developed on my acer swift 3, I don't know what it is, but I may have to get the screen replaced.

  • PurawPuraw Member Posts: 1,887 Community Aficionado

    Yes, I have the opposite a "Bright dot defect" but it does not bother me. Noticed it first last year after shipping my laptop to Acer Services in the Philippines (my Aspire5 is 4 years old).

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