Acer VX5-591G crashing while playing games

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Here I am (again) to complain about my brand new Acer VX5-591G...

Every time I start playing my favorites games, like Dark Souls 3 or Arkham Knight (it doesn't matter the game because it crashes anyway...), the screen displays a very odd image and then freezes until the laptop reboots itself. What I have tried so far:
- Downgrading/Upgrading Nvidia drivers;
- Format Windows, including deleting all partitions and creating new ones;
- Uninstalling drivers with DDU (safe mode), then reinstalling them;
- Disabling selective power options and setting them to best performance (Windows 10 x64);

So, drivers are up-to-date, there is no minidump log on Windows log folder (C:\Windows\Minidump), no crash exceptions on Event Viewer...

GPU temp with playing: 60-75°C
CPU temp with playing: 60-80°C

Did any of you guys experience the same issue?

Thanks in advance for sparing your time, I really appreciate it.

P.S.: Forgive my poor english, I am trying my best.