Buying a 2nd monitor to match my XB27OHU.

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I need help! I bought Acer's XB27OHU GSYNC for my gaming setup. Now I want to run a duel monitor setup, but I don't need 2 XB27OHU's and I can't afford 2 even if I wanted too. I want to match the size and look just to make it look nice and clean. I have a GTX 780ti Nvidia card and dont need the 2nd for graphic's. I also plan to make a duel monitor set up, so you wont see the base of the stock monitor.
Please help! thank you.


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    Hi @Beavergum
    You can select any 27" monitor from Zero Frame and Basic models.

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    Ok, so I bought the KG270 27 inch from Amazon.... not seeing how it was a TN panel. I have to send it back so I can get a IPS because the color's/light/darkness will not go no matter the settings. BUTTTT the Zero Frame is not matching up at all. My XB27OHU has a 7mm bezel when the KG270 has a 12mm.  Pic below. I have no idea now what to get. (Price range 200$) btw.