CoolBoost - Yes or No?

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Hi everyone

Now I am using Predator Sense, but I have a question. What is better, just using the CoolBoost or instead of it, put fan on max and cpu on turbo?

I suppose seconde one is much better, but I worry if i always use 2nd variant, the fan and the CPU can not last longer than they could...

What should i do?


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    The Acer Coolboost application is designed to improve system cooling by increasing the fan speed during heavy use. This application is disabled by default. You can enable Coolboost using the Acer Quick Access program. C
    ool boost increase the fan speed by about 200-300rpm. You don't have to keep it off when the system isn't under load. My feebcak is to keep coolboost constantly turned on.

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    It basically depends on the temperatures you are getting. Frankly, My temps rarely go above 85C so I keep CoolBoost off because it can be loud and annoying when temperatures momentarily spike causing the fans to rev up high. Now, if you are getting hotter temperatures, it would be advised to turn CoolBoost on, or fans on the maximum speed. 

    For some more information about temperatures and solutions, you can take a look Here.

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    As stated CoolBoost wont kick in until 85C, personally I opted to turn it on as for the most part it has no impact, equally when the notebook temperature spikes it helps to pull down the operating temperature.  Don't expect miracles we're talking 3C-5C here.

    If operating temperature is a concern, undervolting the CPU is the next logical step. 

  • Queen6
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    After a good deal of testing on my G9 793 i7 7700HQ , GTX 1070, 32Gb  Ram with Prime95:

    CPU stable down to -140mV
    System locks up at -150mV
    No thermal throttling at -128mV over sustained testing all CPU cores at max frequency.

    Opted for Core & Cache voltage offset of -128mV as this offers a good reduction in overall CPU temperature, even under massive sustained synthetic load with no thermal throttling.  Set profiles for Performance and Battery with only difference of disabling Turbo Boost on battery to help extend the runtime.

    Intel XTU service I left as the default delayed start, equally with the 7700HQ. I strongly suspect disabling the service will have no effect.  As per guides if wanting to auto start ThrottleStop better to delay.  Personally opting for 3 minutes to avoid any potential conflict with the XTU service.  CoolBoost on and Frost Core installed, net result 15C - 20C reduction in operating temp...

    Note every CPU is unique, therefore start any undervolt at -100mV initially, plan for system crash's and be backed up. Like as not you'll have no issue with a 7700HQ CPU down to -125mV beyond this point your in unknown territory :)