Help!!! Laptop won't turn on/off even when I pressed the shut down button

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so first my keyboard stop responding (but the screen was okay), so I decided to restart my laptop but in the process the screen suddenly became black as it was off but the the keyboard, and the power light were on. I tried to hold the down the shut down button several times but it's not working. The laptop doesn't feel warm or hot and I can't take out the battery because it's one of those that you need special tools to open it. awww what can i do??? Help??


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    Was there any windows updates that was automatically installed on your laptop?
    What is the model no of your device?
    Please try resetting the battery using the pinhole reset hole (battery symbol) at the bottom of your device.
    Unplug the charger, Insert a small paperclip in the battery reset pinhole. Hold the reset button for 4 seconds.
    This process will temporarily disconnect and then reconnect the internal battery.
    Let the computer sit for 5 minutes with no power. Plug in the charger, power On the laptop and check the issue.

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