Acer Predator AG3610 can't get windows 10 recent updates installed

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I am having a heck of a time with windows updates, it started with the large update they did my computer will not stop freezing during installation I tried at least 20 times.So I kept putting that update off now that there is a security issue with the Intel chips Microsoft is forcing the update I can't put it off .It keeps trying to install and jam teh computer I have to shut down and reboot this happen twice in a row then teh computer reset back to the prior version  .Then maybe 2 hours later aging windows is try to install that update .I was working with a Microsoft tech and they did all kind of changes to the  machine and tried to get this installed and they couldn't do it. Has any one else had this issues? There was nothing on the support page here on Acer site  for this model either .Its a good machine I've had no problem with it at all except this update issue, I don't want to have to trash it .


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    I have exactly the same problem and I already tried several stuff in the past to solve that the Win10 Creator update is mandatory my PC is becoming useless because it is constantly trying to download and re-install this upgrade that does not install.

    I am now trying to de-install some Acer pre-installed software to see if it may help. I will as well check the BIOS updates to be sure I do have not forgotten something.

    I'll post an update here within a few day but some support from Acer would be useful....
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    Tried several stuff and uninstalled some useless software which were part of the initial Acer installation on Win7. Still the update hang on after 82% and never finishes. My BIOS is P02.A02. I tried to update it to P03.A3 but it won't install (it seems that P02.A02 is the latest one for this hardware but no clear indication...)

    Acer support is really weak and I suppose that this computer would be my last on from this brand....
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    I tried to work with Microsoft techs and they couldn't get it installed . Now The update keeps trying to update in the  computer  up every few hours and I can't get rid of it .Microsoft want to also install that security update for the chips but that  won't go thru until the maker update goes in .It's becoming annoying at this point .
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    Hi, I had a similar issue with an Aspire M1935 desktop, it always blocked at 82%, I finally managed to get past it by removing the PCI-E wifi card. Did you try this?
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    Hi, my Predator G3610 win10 crashed a couple of weeks ago and reverted to win 7. Not possible to go back to Win10 blocked in the last part. I also noticed that BIOS doesn't accept changes.  Would appreciate ideas?
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    Hi...does anyone have an update on this issue with the AG3610? I had the same issue and reverted back to Windows 7....would have been happy to stick with Windows 7 but I dont think I can for much longer...

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    (1) Did you originally go from Win7 to Win10 during Microsoft's freebie downgrade period?
    (2) What is your current BIOS version number?
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