Problem with printer

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My name is Annie and I live in NW England. I just bought a new Acer Aspire Desktop, a replacement for my Acer Touchscreen which was rather poorly. It was, after all, about 8 years old and had gone through the upgrade from Win 7 to 10. This Acer seemed like a good deal but I have had trouble connecting my 2 year old printer. Having run the troubleshooter it keeps saying that it is wrongly connected to USB 3, but it is in USB2 port. I also lost the utilities for scanning and the creativity suite that accompanied it. Any suggestions - short of buying a new printer? I would also be grateful for any help with webcam (not integral) that doesn't appear to work with Windows messenger. I can see me but not the person who I am calling. 
I never had any problems with my old Acer! Hope someone can help - thanks.