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No signal with DP on wake up from sleep

scubaslimscubaslim Posts: 2Member New User
edited February 2018 in Predator Monitors
I have an XB241H G-Sync monitor. It works perfectly when using HDMI...

but with Displayport, it works fine when freshly powering up the computer. It works fine when waking up from hibernation....

but when waking up from sleep, which is my preferred method, the monitor will power up, the splash screen will pop up, then "no signal"... The PC is on, as it can play music and if I plug in a different monitor, it's working...

I have tried the following:
lowering the Hz
swapping DP cables
using High performance mode
turning off link state
making sure connections are tight
switching to different DP ports on my GTX 970

any ideas?

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  • MagasMagas Posts: 1Member New User
    Hello guys.

    I have same problem but with XB271HU monitor. I connect monitor/PC with DP cable. When i turn on and turn off PC everything is ok. But if i using sleep mode and choosing in settings (Power Option) that my monitor go sleep after 10 minutes and PC after 15 minutes everything working. But when i wake up with mouse or keyboard PC turn on and monitor show message: No Signal.

    If i want that everything work again i need turn off PC full. I mean turn off from back box. Then turn off monitor. Unplug DP cable from PC then plug back turn on PC/Monitor and monitor with PC connecting again.

    How can i fix this?
  • scubaslimscubaslim Posts: 2Member New User
    I heard from Acer support and they suggested to disable monitor auto detect....  anybody know how to do that??
  • GiligashGiligash Posts: 1Member New User

    This Worked for me. Maybe if there's still a problem for you or if anyone comes across this thread it will work for you too.
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