Aspire R 13 wont power up, screen power about 45 seconds acer explore beyond limits

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acer explore beyond limits for 45 seconds and power off, since new, now wont open at all. Start doing this problem since new, and once 3-4 months. Have any issue with this problem, what can I do ? I did try the reset couple time.


  • Sharanji
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    The Aspire R 13 has a pinhole button to reset the system. The pinhole is located on the bottom of the computer. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds to reset the computer.

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  • zx14
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    I did the pin hole many time in a year but it was not and it is not the fix for the repair for a one year or one year an a half of a Acer R 13 Labtop. I did more than that, remove the back cover and disconnect the 15 volts lion battery for more than one hour, re-install the cover and try again= nothing att all, Plug-in 120 volt with the adaptor i can see the blue light that said my adator 120 volt is working good. Disconnecting the 120 adaptor and power the labtop and  the blue light lit for the first 30 seconds and as shut down anyway, on 120 volt or 15 volt battery. So it is not an overcharged battery and a low battery or an adaptor 120 volt problem, so Acer know their problem on those lab top can we know now what to do with this issue? because tonight I wrote this messages with a old 2010 Acer lab top (S742-6798)and it still running...Please. please....