my acer swift 3 won't finish setup?

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I just bought the Acer Swift 3 today, and after hours my computer has still not completed the setup. It took me all the way through the initial setup stages (forgive me, I am not very computer savvy at ALL so I will probably do a horrible job explaining things here), and it brought me to a page that indicated the computer needed to download Windows 10 and some of the other computer features. The page did state that this could take approx 3 hours, but it has not been almost 5 and I am a little concerned. The setup looked like it was going smoothly, but the screen has been stuck on a blue page for 2 hours, and it says "restarting" with circling white dots. I haven't closed the computer or turned it off at all, and it's been plugged in the whole time. I'm wondering if this is normal?? Thanks in advance for any help!!


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    probably it's hanging on restart.
    do a long press on power button to shut it down, then power it on again.
    I'm not an Acer employee.