My x152h is turning off after 1 hour of playing

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Hello everyone.
I have purchased the x152h projector about a week ago, but to day started to turning off by itself after being on for 1 hour or so, seems to be overheated, the room temperature is around 70° F. Projector brightness is at 50, contrast is at 50, wall color is white, the city where I live is arround 5100 ft. I don't know why this is happening. Do you know how to solve this problem? 


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    Hi. I bought 6 projectors of this model. I returned 3 for this same problem of overheating directly to Sams which is where I had bought them. Of the three that I have left, one is in warranty service since September of last year. It's the third time he comes in for the same problem and they do not give me any solution. Every time they return it to me, it remains the same. The Acer service is bad and the customer service worse