Can one upgrade a Netbook AOD255 from 2GB DDR2 memory to 4GB DDR2 ?

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I am running windows 10 pro. I upgraded the 1GB original SODIMM to a 2GB DDR2 200 pins 667mhz PC2-5300.
Both the acer specs and the crusher site claim that the max ram that is supported is 2GB, same as the intel specs for the Atom N450.
I noticed there are 4GB SODIMM DDR2 200 pins 667mhz PC2-5300 available on the market.
Is the 2GB limit a BIOS limitation (or due to the intel N450 CPU specs), or is it stated so because there were no 4GB chips when the specs were written ?
Did anyone try to switch to a 4GB SODIMM (667mhz PC2-5300 or 800mhz PC2-6400) and what did happen ?


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    Your BIOS ***might*** recognise and actually use 4GB. But no guarantees. Any DDR2 equal to or faster than 667MHz should work OK. You just have to try a 4GB module and see, they're cheap enough. You'd probably see a lot more bang for the buck by replacing the HDD with an SSD. Go to crucial dot com for upgrade possibilities. The only other upgrade I can recommend is go back to Win7 to keep your machine running smoothly for the next 3 years. 8^) Jack E/NJ

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