Unable to upgrade to Fall Creators (1709) with new Nitro 5 - BSOD Memory_Management when reboot

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I recently purchased a new Nitro 5 laptop that comes with Windows 10 Home 1703 about 2 day ago. It tries to automatically upgrade to 1709 many times already , but it will run into the same issue every time:

During 1 of the automatic restarts, it will get halted during the Acer Logo screen and then BSOD appeared with the code "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT". It will then restart and try to recover the installation, but the BSOD with "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" code appears again. It will then subsequently restore to previous windows' version.

With some research online, I tried the following in attempt to try and fix this myself:

1.  Use Windows 10 Update Assistant, instead of Windows Update

2.  Attempt to update from Clean Boot (Disabled all start-up apps, including anti-virus)

3.  Updated to latest video card driver

4.  Updated to latest BIOS

5.  Ran Chkdsk - no errors found

6.  Ran DISM - no issues found

7.  Ran Memory Diagnostic Tools - no issues found

8.  Ran System File Checker - no issues found

9.  Performed full system virus scan

I left out resetting Windows 10 or restoring to previous point, considering this issue already occurred at the first start. Please also note that I have not experienced any BSOD, abnormalities, crashes, etc. so far during my normal computer usage. 



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    had you try to update from an USB installation media?

    download the tool and create the USB flash drive, once done, double click it and run setup.exe

    if it still BSOD, can be a driver issues and only a clean install probably can solve it.
    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    Hi IronFly,

    I just attempted to install from USB, and same issue occurred (Memory_Management BSOD). I did get the following error message from the setup upon re-start: "0xC1900101 - 0x30017 The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during BOOT operation" .

    I guess "clean install" is my only option left.

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    Hi everyone,

    I finally managed to upgrade to 1709 with the clean install option from Windows Defender. I am speculating that the applications Acer loaded the computer with were the causes of the issue.