Over pixelated webcam Aspire 5

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I just got Aspire A515-51G-503E (this is my 3rd Aspire laptop), the webcam is extremely grainy/pixelated, significantly lower quality than my other acer laptops that cost 1/3 as much.
This laptop doesnt have the acer crystal eye, is windows camera app reducing my screen size, resolution, flicker reduction, dont fix the quality... are acer's new webcams significantly worse than they used to be or is something up ?   (I have a Aspire 5349-2899, got it new for $199 in 2008, and a $5usb camera from newegg both have signifcantly better quality than this laptops camera.
  See photo... blue T-shirt, no light source behind me


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    Try updating webcam driver
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    device manager says I have the best driver, Acer support page doesn't offer a driver