Ace Spin3 15-51

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I bought the AceSpin3 in March 2017 and did not start use it till June. I want to use it as a Tablet and computer. But the computer turn hot within an hour. I could not hold it on my leg. I tried to contact tech support, they just asked me to do recovery. It did not work. Please help.
What bugs me the most is that the Microsoft files take >10 minutes to open. I keep point to the files, no thing happened for >10 minutes.  I tried to open the Microsoft files from the table or the desk top. it just take >10 minutes both way. I even open the Excel and the go to open the file I wants, it still take >10 minutes. It make this computer so not usable. Is it comment issue? Would it be the issue of the abBox? Please help. It really makes me crazy. It is unfortunate that I can not return the computer. Please help. Thanks. Dr. Yang