Has anyone else had a bad experience with Acer Monitor warranty?

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I just bought a KG 240 monitor probably a year ago and it died after about 5 uses. The monitor screen goes totally white and I haven't had time to contact support since I'm a college student and the monitor is at my home. Finally when I'm back home on break I have the ability to contact Acer. Absolutely awful warranty from Acer. The monitor is still under warranty, but I contacted support and they want me to ship the monitor back to them while paying the shipping costs? I can't comprehend the logic behind that, Acer makes an awful product that breaks after 5 uses and they make me pay 30-50$ for shipping it to them. All the other companies I have had issues with give me a shipping label, not only that, usually replaces the product and not just repair it. I'm fine with Acer trying to repair the monitor but to have to pay 30-50$ for shipping for a $150 monitor. That's absolutely insane to me. I might as well throw the monitor in the trash and buy a new one from a different company with better support and warranty.
Thanks Acer.