Help, please! I'm a dinosaur and need an answer... Can I transfer a download from my Acer tablet to

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My wife's Sony Vaio is knackered. She cannot connect to the internet. We've tried EVERYTHING. Maybe it can be solved by reinstalling Window7. 
However, because she cannot connect to the internet she can't. I have an Acer A3-A20. I think I can download the Windows7 re install on to it. But my question is. Can I transfer this download to her of..? I only have an HDMI and power port on this tablet. But I have a power cable which should be ok. Any answers would be gratefully received. 
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    if you mean, will you be able to create a bootable media from
    if you just want to transfer the downloaded file to another PC..yes, just plug a microUSB to USB cable.
    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    you would need to explain in more detail what is wrong with the sony vaio - what functionality is missing?