Problem with USB 3.0 port and ACER VR headset

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I recently purchased a bundle of the predator helios 300 along with the Acer mixed reality headset. However, I've been getting the following error upon connecting the headset: "We're not sure what's up, but this error code should help: 2181038087-5."

After digging around the internet and talking to Microsoft support, the problem is apparently with the USB 3.0 port and its inability to draw enough power. They suggested using another port. However, since there's only one USB 3.0 port on the Helios 300, this is a problem.  Curious, I checked what the usb port was drawing (400 mA) and I've read that the headsets require 900 mA.  I would love any suggestions on what to do. Thanks


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    Sounds like the port doesn't think the headset is 3.0. There is a circuit that tells the port which power mode to use, giving 500mA to 2.0 devices and 2000mA to 3.0 devices. There may be a problem with the headset or the headset cable.
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    Is this solved? if not,

    Please try to have a look at your device manager and check if:
    - at "Universal Serial Bus-controllers" : the USB 3.0 and 3.1 " eXtensible Host controllers"  are marked with (microsoft) behind them.

    If not the case:
    - Delete the Host controller that doe not say (microsoft)
    - Right click - Searchs for new devices.

    And now your Host controller should be marked with (microsoft) and your USB 3 problem should be fixed.


    (Edit: nope. this wont help you i think. sorry. maybe others?)