Show me a picture of the inside of your G6-720

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Hey community. You guys can do me a really big favor. I own a G6-710. While modding my pc one of the usb pins on my mainboard broke and im thinking about replacing it. One thing always bothering me was the green colour of the mainboard. But then came the G6-720 a newer version of mine with a different z270 mainboard instead z170. Can anyone with a G6-720 post me a picture of the inside ? I would really appreciate cause since the Predator G1 got a black board the newer G6-720 could also have one. 


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    hey, so I am about to by a G6 710 myself, tomorrow actually for a GREAT price..and have just seen this 720 model. I too am wondering the difference in the 710 and you have a full breakdown of what is different?? In the link below, you will see that the 720 has 2x usb 3.1 ports in place of the old integrated, you said the 710 has a z170 board and the 720 has a z270.....what other differences do you know of??
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    The only differences are the board cause of the newer chipset and the 10xx gtx instead the 9xx gtx series. But everything out of board and graphics card in my pc is already changed. Just need to know the design of the board. The postet pictures of your link are probably copy pasted pictures of a 710